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Theresa (Terri) Gillespie


Many thanks to Alivia Reed & Richard for the dream come true experience Saturday January 27 in the Kennesaw location. My guy and I were there a couple of hours and Alivia was amazing! She was like a good friend guiding you and helping in every way possible to find the perfect combination of your desires for that ring special to you. Very patient. Then enters the store manager Richard to help get it to our price point. Could not be more pleased. Extraordinary service and fine jewelry!



I came to D. Geller in Kennesaw after visiting every other store on Barrett, as well as a few downtown, and was surprised by the collection they had as well as how patient the staff were despite me not knowing what I was exactly looking for. I have to say that Cecilia was especially helpful in spending time comparing countless ring styles with the ideas I had and throwing all "sale tactics" out the window, giving me a chance to visualize what it was I think would work. And after I finally found just about what I wanted, there in-house designer Chris was able to customize my ring to make it even better. I came to your store expecting to only look and left with a ring. Thank you guys for making it happen in the short time you did, and making my new fiance very happy!!



Thank you Emily Willis for the excellent service yesterday!



Bought our engagement ring from the Smyrna store 30 years ago. Our youngest son just bought his here following in his older brother's footsteps. Great store and great staff. Emily was very good working with our son! Shop all the others first and then see D. Geller last.

VonDarrick Jones


I had an amazing experience at the Smyrna location. Taylor helped my new fiancée and I every step of the way. From selecting the style that matched our preferences to finding the best financing options available. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the rings and gave great suggestions. Thank you so much, Taylor! Tiffanie loves her ring and wanted me to make sure I told you thank you for her as well!



My husband surprised me by wanting to buy me an eternity ring or reset my engagement diamond from 28 years ago for Christmas. We went to the Kennesaw location of your store. Immediately Emily came up to help me. I was so confused on where to start & wasn't sure if I wanted to reset my ring or purchase an eternity ring. We started with eternity rings. I couldn't believe the selection -I had so many options to consider. A few days prior my husband & I had gone first to Kaminski's with the same dilemma; they only had 1 eternity ring for me to view/try on. I left disappointed. I am so glad then that we knew where to go next - to your store. Emily was incredibly patient & helpful as I tried on & talked through each gorgeous ring. I never felt rushed. In the end I knew I wanted an eternity ring, but I preferred a ring that was way above our budget. Connie came over to help us - she wanted to make sure I had seen all of the options. I think both Emily & Connie could see that I was in love with the ring over our budget. And once you find what you know you really want, it's hard to consider any other option. They asked our budget & took my preference to the boss. They came back with a price that was actually $50 below our budget! Neither my husband or I ever thought that would happen. Together Emily & Connie worked to give me a ring that I really never thought I would have. And they seemed as happy as we were that I left with that gorgeous eternity band. You guys will have all our business from that day on. The customer service that we received from Emily & Connie was as valuable to us as was the purchase of my ring. Thank you both so much! Theresa



I was just at your store today (about 30 minutes ago) to get a battery for my watch. I felt a little self-conscious since I wasn't dressed very well after having just dropped off my teenage daughter at her job at the nearby Chick-Fil-A restaurant, but my hesitation was misplaced as soon as I walked through the door and was treated with such kindness and professional service by the Assistant Manager, Meredith.

We are family now and I promise to spread the word to my friends and neighbors about the wonderful jewelry store - D. Geller & Son.



I just bought a beautiful ring from Stephen at Akers Mill. I can't stop smiling because it is exactly what I was looking for. I shopped two of the other major jewelers in Atlanta, but the level of customer service and happy shopping experience at D. Geller blows their competition away.



I've been shopping at D. Geller for years and have always received the best customer service! We bought our wedding bands from Sara three years ago and she is always so helpful!

Nick and Nora


We are VERY happy with our beautiful engagement ring we bought from D. Geller & Sons Jewelers at Cobb Place Shopping Center. The people there were friendly and very professional. We were greeted warmly. We were show the vast aray of beautiful rings by Connie. We were given all the time we needed and were very comfortable shopping there from start to finish. We highly recommend D. Geller & Sons and Connie for your engagement ring shopping. I have recommended you and your team.
Thank you,
Nick and Nora

Michael dumond


I went to the Kennesaw location seeking Christmas gift for my wife and daughter. It was busy so i had to wait Brittany geddes. Told me she would be with me soon . And when she was free she was a joy to work with. She found what i was looking for and arranged financing. She is a blessing and very pleased with my purchase

Mary Williams


We were helped by Emily Willis in Kennesaw and she couldn’t have been more delightful, helpful, and knowledgeable and she was pretty much the reason we made our purchase today! Thank you Emily!



I was totally surprised last Saturday with a proposal of marriage. My fiance' was eager to take me ring shopping. He had already talked with Brittany Geddes and asked for her upon arrival. She patiently worked with us, explained the process and choices in such a professional way. She even took pictures of Ray asking me again so I could walk out with my ring on. Thank you Brittany and D. Geller & Son for your superior service.

Laura D.


I can't say enough good things about D. Geller & Son. I bought my Tacori wedding band from them years ago, and my husband and I had such an excellent experience, we decided to go back to them for my Tacori anniversary band. I called down there to ask some questions about the band we were interested in purchasing, and Christy took my call. Working with Christy felt like an old friend was helping me. She even had me text her a picture of my existing wedding set so she could make some suggestions based on her knowledge of the brand. By the time we drove down to the store, Christy had a number of selections for me to consider -- including one that did not at all match what I thought I wanted, but was one she thought I might like based on my taste. Guess what? She was right, and I ended up purchasing the one she picked out. That, to me, is personalized customer care. She truly spent the time to get to know my taste in jewelry to make a solid, viable recommendation. What an asset she is to the D. Geller & Son team! I love my beautiful Tacori anniversary band, and I plan to go back to D. Geller & Son for my next jewelry purchase - no question. Thank you, D. Geller & Son, for your superior products, and thank you, Christy, for your superior customer care.

Gaje and Jourdan


We had been searching for months to find the perfect ring! Christy at D. Geller & Son in Kennesaw was seriously the best!!! She worked with us in making sure we knew all our options and helped us pick the most amazing rings we could’ve dreamed of. If you want a wonderful experience please go see Christy! We love her!!!

Brandi Jennings


My boyfriend sent me in to look at rings so I could give him a general idea of the style ring I like. Brittany Geddes assisted me in trying on some different rings and told me about the Bridal event coming up, she strongly encouraged that I send my boyfriend back.
Fast forward to the event. She pulled out several rings aligned with the one I loved and had me try them all on. Her and my bf watched my facial expressions as we went through that process.... then they sent me on my way... I never knew one could be surprised while still in the store.
Brittney and Christy Rodgers took my boyfriend to discuss what I hope is the making of a wonderful beginning for my love and I. I truly appreciate the genuine joy they displayed in helping him find the perfect ring for me and the element of surprise they ensured I will have on the day he pops the question.

Tara Williams


I went to D Geller the other day looking for wedding bands for my fiancé and I. I can’t say enough about the wonderful staff, especially Christy who made the whole experience so much fun! She is incredibly knowledgeable and obviously talented at what she does. I highly recommend going to see her!! Thanks again to Christy and the entire staff at D. Geller in Kennesaw!

Michael McGwier


I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the service we received from Douglas Flynn at your Sandy Springs store. My wife, Susan, inherited a broach that was passed down from the Empress of Austria and we wanted to understand if the piece was of value. Doug was not only very professional about appraising the item, he took a very excited and personal approach to us and this piece of jewelry. His willingness to do the necessary research to better understand the period piece (1770-1830) made the piece even m ore important to us. We cannot thank him and D. Geller & Son enough for the effort. You guys have provided my wife’s wedding ring, her diamond earrings and a ring personally designed for stones she inherited many years ago. We love what you do and the great service you stand for.

Philip Mosley


A hundred years ago when I was a young ADT tech and D. Geller was one lone store, your dad treated me with the respect befitting g a king - when I brought my wife to the store over 30 years ago to buy her some jewelry, she thought I was Geller family I was treated so well - you all are a class act and the proposal video was exceptional. Thanks for the memories! -Mosley (as Mike used to call me)

Leo C. Sutter


Dear: Mr. Geller:

In the spring of 1995, my fiancée and I were looking for a pair of wedding bands for our June 10 wedding.

After going to numerous stores, we found what we were looking for at your old HWY 41 location just outside I-285.

As you can see in the accompanying phone photo, the bands were gold with a red- and blue-tinted gold "intertwine" pattern, with a thin gold "border" band on each side. In essence, three bands molded together to look like one.

The bands held up well over the years, and we got a lot of compliments on them.

Sadly, on April 7th of this year, The LORD called my wife (Sherri) home.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken.

I have her remains here with me at home, but I also wanted to be able to wear her ring next to mine. I always wanted to have some part of her close at hand in addition to having her forever in my heart and soul.

Both of our bands had cracks, scuffs, bent metal and band separations in them, and I must say that I felt quite dubious as to the outcome of trying to get them fixed.

Enter Trey Henderson and Brittany Hatfield.

Trey reassured me that the bands could in face be repaired, buffed up, and made to look almost like new.

Brittany was every inch the professional stated on her business card. Kind, caring, compassionate, and sensitive to my problem.

I picked up the rings on Friday, August 18th.

I know that it is a horrifically overused word, but the rings look completely, utterly, totally AWESOME!

They really and truly look like they did the day we bought them!

Please accept my deepest and most sincere thanks in this very personal matter. I have always referred friends and family to your Company, and now I have even more reason to do so!

Most Appreciatively,
And Gratefully yours,

Leo C. Sutter

Mark Carani


My fiance and I went to D. Geller to look for a wedding set. We wanted something non-traditional but were not sure what we wanted. Monique took her time, helped us look at a wide variety of settings, stones, and price points. She never pressured us, just talked patiently with us both as we looked at many rings. We got just what we were looking for at a price we were very happy with. Monique was patient, kind, and extraordinarily helpful. I would highly recommend D. Geller and Monique to anyone shopping for any fine jewelry.

Holly S.


I first went to D. Geller in 2005 to upgrade my wedding set. After growing tired of yellow gold, I decided it was time to upgrade to platinum. I also wanted to come out-of-pocket as little as possible as this is very obviously a want and not a need. After chatting with Meredith at the Sandy Springs location via the online chat service offered on the website, I decided to go to that store rather than the Atlanta location preferred by my mother-in-law. When we arrived on Saturday, we were warmly greeted by several associates, and each kindly offered us a beverage. I was able to meet Meredith in person, and it felt as though we'd known each other for years. She graciously and patiently worked with me, and my mother-in-law, for nearly five hours until we decided on exactly what we wanted. My mother-in-law had not planned on upgrading her setting, but fell in love with a halo design that led to her making changes as well. I was even able to trade in old gold jewelry to help cover the cost of the upgrade, and I feel I was credited appropriately based on the prior research I had done. I drove up from Biloxi to make these changes as opposed to doing so locally because I knew I would be treated right. That said, I would highly recommend D. Geller to anyone wishing to purchase jewelry of any kind as the quality, selection, and service are unrivaled.

Kent M.


I had gotten my engagement ring in store at the D Geller in Sandy Springs and had a wonderful experience with Christina there. And I later got an email about a special Tacori event at the store (that is the brand I went with for rings) and then was dealing with Monique. She was very helpful in getting me the matching wedding back to the engagement right I had gotten from them while doing this all either through email or text. I also purchased my wife's wedding present from D. Geller and Monique was more than helpful in giving me different options and giving me her opinion of the items as I was only able to see pictures. She even got her daughter involved one day who happened to be the same age as my wife.
I was very pleased with both sales associates and of course pleased with D. Geller and their quality or jewelry and service.

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Brad Lockridge

February 9, 2018

Jennifer was wonderful! She helped me understand everything and answered every question I had. I had to get the engagement ring special ordered and she explained how the whole process worked and kept me up to date on where my order was at. She kept me relaxed and calm through the whole shopping and spending lots of money (especially when I was freaking out inside), I couldn't have asked for a better salesperson. Overall experience was above and beyond my expectation.

Alex Coleman

January 15, 2018

Great experience purchasing an engagement ring at D. Geller and Son! Marcie spent hours with me to help make sure Ihad the perfect ring. For EXCELLENT service and great prices this is the place! Marcie and the entire team at the new Sandy Springs location helped to make this a very memorable experience for me.

Jay Mathurin

October 15, 2017

Went to D. Geller for an engagement ring back a few month ago and didn't get a chance to review. I didn't have much money saved for the super high end rings but I wanted to get an engagement ring ASAP. I told the sales rep Sasha my price range and she was able to show me a few rings. She was even able to locate a ring with my fiancée birth stone on it. The entire process was fairly simple and I wasn't pressured to upgrade or up sold on more expensive products. We also returned to D.Geller for the wife’s wedding band and the process was simple yet again. My wedding band was not purchased at D.Geller but the store was able to install a ring guard sizer making it a comfy & perfect fit.

Caleb Lyon

December 15, 2017

We worked with Jennifer Litton and she was absolutely incredible. She has come to be so much more than a sales person but a friend to my fiance and I. She was never pushy and kept us feeling comfortable in an incredibly exciting but overwhelming process. Jennifer is truly the best, we would recommend a 10/10 for anyone considering buying a ring.

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K A.


My fiance bought my ring from D. Geller & Son Jewelers and I could not be happier. He worked closely with Bobby who helped him design a custom designed...READ MORE

Erik W.


Heather is doing it right! Go see her! She took her time and worked out our special request. Can't wait to see the final product.READ MORE

Shawn C.


Took a watch in to have some links taken out. The guy there didn't seem very interested and told me he wasn't sure if they had the tools to do it. He told...READ MORE