Top 4 Must Have Engagement Ring Styles

Posted on Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 at 4:30 pm by Sara


From the fashion industry to the Jewelry industry, 2017 has seen many new, as well as familiar, trends come to life; take a look at these "Top 4 Must Have Engagement Ring Styles" of 2017.


1. The oval shaped diamond made its first debut in the 1960’s and has recently come back to life full force, and I mean rightfully so, just take a look at this beauty! Need more inspo? Check out everyone’s favorite girl crush, Blake Lively, and her lovely 12-carat oval diamond ring.

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2. Despite its seemingly “new and trendy” appearance flooding all of Pinterest, the exquisite pear shaped diamond, often referred to as the “tear drop cut," can be traced all the way back the 1400's. Due to its stunning appearance, we are in no way surprised by its recent come back.  

Victoria Beckham an her 17-carat pear engagment ring

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3. This beauty can be dated all the way back to the 19th century and was first referred to as the “mine cut” diamond. The cushion cut diamond is definitely an overall crowd pleaser of 2017. Celebs are no stranger to the appeal of a cushion diamonds either. Kim Kardashian even rocks a 15-carat elongated cushion cut stunner!

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4. "Some things never change” has never rang more truth than when referring to the classic and timeless brilliant round cut diamond that continues to dominate the engagement market and  Instagram feeds. Although timeless, this classic style is now often accompanied with the slight twist of a gorgeous diamond halo for even more sparkle. Celebrity Natalie Portman also keeps it classy with her brilliant round diamond halo ring!

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