The Best Way to Keep Your Jewelry Safe: Insurance

Posted on Monday, June 11th, 2018 at 9:18 am by Administrator

You love jewelry. We do too! Your jewelry is not only valuable, but it represents memories and special occasions in your life. At D. Geller & Son, we highly recommend that you protect your jewelry with some method of insurance coverage. While renters and homeowner policies offer coverage, we always recommend Jewelers Mutual Personal Jewelry Insurance to all of our clients and for many reasons.

Repairing or replacing jewelry after loss, damage, theft, disappearance, and more shouldn’t be a hassle. Whether you’re requesting a quote, signing up or filing a claim, Jewelers Mutual makes the entire process effortless. The difference between Jewelers Mutual and other insurance companies is that they are a specialty insurance company. This means that they understand that your coverage needs to be designed specifically to protect your jewelry from the unexpected.  Should the worst happen, an expert will be there to take care of you. They have a quick claim process and allow you to work with the jeweler of your choice and approve your replacement piece. With Jewelers Mutual, your coverage can also cover preventive repairs such as prong retipping, broken, worn, or bent prongs, clasp replacement, pearl restringing, stone tightening, etc. Think about all of the places where you wear your jewelry- wouldn’t you be at ease knowing that you are fully covered? Jewelers Mutual protects you from loss, theft, and mysterious disappearance whether you are at home or on the road! The best part: your annual payment only costs a small percentage of your jewelry’s value, depending on where you live.

At D. Geller & Son, we recommend that you bring your jewelry in for reassessments at least every two years and cleanings and inspections twice per year. It’s not required…only recommended for your sake! Plus, it might just save you from losing a stone later! As always, pieces purchased from D. Geller & Son will receive complimentary appraisals.

Your jewelry is too important not to insure it! Peace of mind is priceless. For an instant quote and more information on how to keep your jewelry safe, check out Jewelers Mutual Personal Jewelry Insurance today!




*Please note: D. Geller and Son is in no way affiliated with Jewelers Mutual Personal Jewelry Insurance.