Ring Re-Design: Before, During and After Shots

Posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2016 at 10:48 am by Administrator

Get a behind-the-scene glimpse into the transformation of this wedding set!

Brent wanted to give his Bride of 40+ years a gift she’d never forget. The best part? We were able to incorporate the diamonds from her original set to preserve all the sentiment and memories that were made over the decades!


Brent picked out which pieces (including a few heirloom ones) that he wanted to include in the re-design. We placed the pieces in the skilled hands of our jeweler; he un-mounted each and every diamond!


Brent had an idea of what his wife was dreaming about: a white gold halo setting and
matching band! We measured all of the (newly) loose diamonds and picked out a mounting that would incorporate all of them!


Our jeweler carefully re-set all of the diamonds into the halo and new engagement setting. Then, he mounted the halo onto the ring and the center stone into the halo!