Designer Spotlight: VERRAGIO

Posted on Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 at 2:56 pm by Sara

About Verragio: 

    Verragio is one of the most loved bridal designers in the world due to their unique and customizable designs. When Barry Verragio began crafting rings 25 years ago he knew he wanted to create designs that are "UNLIKE ANY OTHER RING" and, from his studio in New York, he did just that. His designs incorporated a unique diamond placement, intricate details, and the use of multi-tone metals which immediately drew the attention of every girl looking for a stand out engagement ring with a unique design and style that she had never seen before.  Barry's motto is that "One should never settle for average" and his Verragio designs are truly anything but that.  

The Collections 

    Verragio has 4 signature collections in their line: Couture, Insignia, Parisian, and Venetian.  

    The Couture Collection was created for the modern woman who is looking for a sleek design with a touch of elegance. This collection offers French beading on the interior of the ring along with a crown shaped bezel. All customization options include the head, riviera, and shank. Pieces in this collection are available in platinum and 18k rose, white, and yellow gold options. 

    The Insignia Collection is inspired by Verragio's own logo! Insignia designed rings come with French beading as well as scrolls placed underneath the head of the ring and is symbolic of the Verragio crest.  All customization options include the head, scrolls, beading, and shank. This collection is also available in platinum as well as 18K white, yellow, and rose gold. 

    The Parisian Collection features the most options for a girl that loves Verragio! This collection offers customizable wraps along the shank (think multi-tone and with or without diamonds) and gorgeous scroll work on the interior of the rings for a look that anyone can make their own. All customization options include the lace, beading, wrap, and shank.This collection is available in platinum, 18K, and 14K rose, white, and yellow gold options.  Unlike the other collections by Verragio, this is their only one that is available in 14K gold which allows Verragio customers to receive a high-quality design at a more wallet-friendly price. 

    The Venetian Collection has the most intricate detailing of the four collections and is Verragio's way of paying tribute to vintage style engagement rings. These rings come with French beading, scroll work, and unique design options along the bottom of the shanks. All customization options include the halo, tiara, lace, beading, and shank. This collection is available in platinum as well as 18K rose, white, and yellow gold. 

Verragio's Design Process

    Barry Verragio is passionate about creating a ring that is just as unique as the lady wearing it. Every creation from Verragio starts with a simple, yet stunning, hand drawn sketch. Thousands and thousands of sketches are drawn before a new design will receive Verragio's official stamp of approval. It is Verragio's mission to keep their styles completely one-of-a-kind and, because of their high standards, not all drawings make it into final production. 

    In addtition to the perfect ring designs that Verragio creates,  they also allow the customer to customize any style to better suit their preference and be the exact ring that they are looking for. This unique aspect of Verragio's design process provides any soon-to-be-Bride can be proud to wear their ring knowing it was 100% designed for her. 

    Verragio has one of the largest selections of metal types to choose from with its collections, respectively available in platinum, 18K, and14K rose, white and yellow gold. However, the best part is you do not have to choose just one color! Every Verragio style is available in a two, or even three, tone version if you are looking to mix the metals! 

You can create your perfect Verragio ring in our Akers Mill, Kennesaw, & Sandy Springs showrooms (and online HERE)!