Designer Spotlight: MICHAEL M

Posted on Monday, February 12th, 2018 at 2:01 pm by Sara

About Michael M

    In 2008, luxury jewelry designer Michael M began handcrafting bridal and fashion jewelry in the heart of Los Angeles California. Founded by Michael Meksian and his son, Peter; the father and son duo began creating sleek modern designs mixed with sophistication and elegance. Their style is geared toward the modern woman, looking for a unique twist on a timeless piece. 

The Michael M Promise

    All Michael M designs come with a personalized serial number and a certificate of authenticity. This number and certificate guarantee that the piece is a true Michael M design. Additionally, Michael M stands behind each and every ring by providing customers with a lifetime guarantee! Not only will Michael M always clean and refurbish their rings as needed, they even take their promise a step further by offering to replace a diamond melee that has fallen out due to normal wear of the ring. Although, this is extremely rare due to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Michael M piece.  

Michael M Designs

    Michael M incorporates details in their rings that set them apart from any other designer! Not only do they use diamonds of the highest color and clarity but their jewelers set each stone in a U-shape carriage that surrounds each diamond with precious metal prongs. Each setting is polished before the diamond is set as too allow extra light to pass through and provide for maximum brightness!  PLUS-  every diamond in a Michael M setting is hand-set by a professional jeweler who aligns every facet for a uniform look and sparkle. This detailed technique provides extra security for the diamonds on the band and allows the customer to wear their ring worry free. 

    Select Michael M pieces incorporate a Euro-style shank to show their love for the European style and also increase the comfortability for the woman wearing the ring. Michael M rings are exclusively available in platinum or 18k rose, yellow, and white gold. In order to provide every woman the ring of her dreams and lifelong satisfaction with its design and quality, Michael M has crafted over 2,000 designs  that are equally unique and breathtaking. 


You can find Michael M rings in our Akers Mill, Kennesaw, & Sandy Springs showrooms (and online HERE)!