Crushing Holiday Mayhem: One Gift at a Time

Posted on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at 4:29 pm by Sara

The Middle of Mayhem

Wake up. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Insert holiday mania. Wake up. Stress. Eat. Stress. Work. Stress. Shop. Anxiety and stress. Try to sleep. Repeat. Sound familiar?  The November/December pandemonium hits, and everyone is hustling and bustling to get their holiday plans in order for the season.  We rush to get the most perfect gifts for our friends and family, while attempting to “spread holiday cheer to all who are far and near.”  And we can’t forget about staying on top of our work and home life! We need everything to be balanced, including the holidays, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year—right?  So why does it seem like, each year, the time for the season becomes shorter, the stress and anxiety seem to be larger, and the holidays are suddenly upon us?  It can be a pretty taxing time if we are always go-go-going.  And what about getting that perfect gift for that special someone?  How do you know if she or he will like it?  And it has to be in your budget—no wiggle room.  What gift is both cost effective and appealing? All of these questions are completely valid and relatable.  So what are the answers?


Giving jewelry is and always will be a timeless gift for that special someone in your life.  Now, what can you give that someone this year?  Jewelry trends this season come in various styles that are sure to impress your loved one.  You can focus on one end of the spectrum with classic pieces that never go out of style or veer towards items that became popular in recent years. 

For instance, let’s talk bezels. Bezel jewelry refers to the setting of a diamond, CZ (cubic zirconia), or any stone into the mounting of a piece.  It seems like bezel items are popping up everywhere! Necklaces, rings, earrings—all things bezel are emerging this year and loved by all! And why not when the items are simply elegant and affordable?

Now, if your lady or man has more of a classic taste, diamond studs are a no-brainer.  You can choose from shape, size, and quality of diamonds while staying in your budget.  Diamond studs are a staple to anyone’s collection and a wonderful gift to give that special person in your life.

And for the one who loves to wear all jewelry?  Stackable pieces are the way to go!  Necklaces that are easy to layer, simple and sophisticated bands that are easy to stack, bangles, cuffs, bracelets—all items are great for that person who wants to show off all of their pieces while remaining stylish. 

Ready, Set, SHOP!

Although these are only a few gift ideas for the holiday season, they are sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. So, quit stressing!  You’ve got this. It’s time to get out there and face the mayhem head-on—one gift at a time.