Club Tacori 2016

Posted on Monday, October 3rd, 2016 at 9:49 am by Administrator

It’s that time of year again (or, should we say “was?”) and this time the annual Club Tacori event was held fig-side at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Talk about amazing! In a whirlwind 72 hours, we soaked in all things “Tacori” and brought them all home just for you!

A little history: In 1969, Haig Tacorian and his wife, Gilda, set out for the United States with the dream of starting a new life and creating a legacy. Today, after decades of success and worldwide acclaim, Tacori is still family owned and operated, by Haig’s son and daughter (Paul and Nadine), and is located in Glendale, CA where the Tacorian family set up shop, literally. While their name is “up in lights” in showrooms across the world, the Tacorian family hasn’t let it go to their heads and continues to take care of the community where they got their start. Tacori has partnered with the RightWay Foundation which helps foster youth, current and emancipated, transition into self-sufficency and positions of power and productivity (click HERE for more information). We even had the chance to meet several of these youth as we toured the Tacori Design Studio!


Located behind a crisp, white perimeter, the Tacori Design Studio is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Rows and rows of artisans sit side-by-side as they hand-craft Tacori pieces to perfection! Each piece is passed through at least forty pairs of hands before it is ever seen by a customer. Diamonds and gemstones must pass a meticulous screening for color, quality, and size in order to be chosen for any piece in particular. Not only does this ensure that each and every Tacori piece is of utmost quality, but it also ensures that each piece, while unique, closely resembles the one created before it.

Each Tacori piece is designed with someone in mind, whether it is a soon-to-be engaged couple, newly wed, proud parent, or “just because.” No matter the occasion, the perfect Tacori gift awaits you. For the Bride-to-Be or a new mom, Something Blue is a wonderful gift to continue a wedding tradition (“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue..”) or to begin a new legacy with the birth of a baby boy. BONUS: pieces start under $200!

If gemstones aren’t your thing, check out the Encore collection! Each piece is created in platinum or 18K gold    and is the perfect gift to surprise her with on the wedding day, honeymoon or anniversary. Already have diamond jewelry? That’s OK! Each Encore piece is designed to re-shape, re-color, or re-size an existing solitaire diamond pendant or earring set.

Who wants more diamonds? US! Tacori’s Ivy Lane and Sonoma Mist collections are designed for the fashion-forward lady who wants effortless style. Pieces start under $200 and are designed to mix-and-match for the perfect stack of rings, bracelets, and necklaces! The earrings are perfect for everyday wear as well. Pair any piece from these collections with jeans and a T or with a LBD. Either way, you can’t go wrong! PS- check these pieces out the next time you need a gift for Mom. They’re fashion-forward and easy to pair and wear!


Speaking of Moms… Monogram and Love Letters. Every Mom wants to keep her children close to her so what better way of to that than by a monogram necklace or initial that stays close to her heart! There’s an assortment of pairings that you can choose from (gold, silver, diamonds, no diamonds..) so that each piece is as unique as the child (or husband) it stands for. PLUS: The Monogram and Love Letters can be passed down as the years go by. What better gift for girl’s 16th birthday than a diamond Tacori necklace?! But what if you have a son? That’s perfect too! Turn the special piece into cuff links for him to wear down the aisle!

But hey, we can’t forget to gift our “tight jar openers” and “scary bug assassins,” AKA gents, because they need love too! That’s why Tacori designed a line just for the guys. The Gentleman’s collections (Legend, Monogram, Monterey Roadster, and Retro Classic) feature tie bars, cuff links, rings, and bracelets crafted just for HIM! Pieces start under $300 and you’re sure to find him a piece that will hold a lifetime of memories. PS- shopping for him can be hard! Check out Tacori’s Gentleman’s Guide to help pick the perfect piece.

(Are your eyes glued to those engagement rings? They’re up next!) Each year Tacori designs “something new” and completes its debut during Club Tacori. Love is everlasting so what better piece to release than an eternity diamond band crafted with East-West pears, emeralds and ovals! And what better to pair an eternity band with than one of Tacori’s RoyalT pieces! Designed for center stones 2 carats and up, each piece stands apart from the crowd and is sure to be the center of attention.








Whether your style is platinum, gold or silver, make sure you stop by one of our three showrooms to try on Tacori pieces for yourself! Although pictures may be worth a thousand words, the intricate detail and quality of each piece will leave you speechless.


PS: Enjoy a few extra pictures of what goes on BTS of Club Tacori once the sun goes down.