Choosing the Perfect Diamond

Posted on Thursday, July 13th, 2017 at 10:40 am by Sara

You’ve found the one, your true love that you want to spend forever with and it’s finally time to find the perfect ring to propose with. No pressure, right? You’re only going to have it photographed up close, show it off during special gatherings, and wear it through the upcoming decades. No pressure... you’ve got Google at your fingertips and are ready to tackle color, clarity, cut, carat weight, table percentages, fluorescence, grading certificates, price comparisons and MORE! No... pressure?  *Insert labored breathing*

First, take a breath. We’re here to help you make an educated and confident decision about buying a diamond and placing it in a setting that she's going to love.

Have you ever wondered why two diamonds online with seemingly identical grades have very different prices?  It’s because a diamond’s value is based on more than just the 4 C’s! It’s also based on the stone’s visual beauty and brilliance. In addition to having a limited diamond inventory, online sites list their diamonds without having a GIA Diamonds Graduate visually inspect them. The result? Many of those diamonds are the same ones that other diamond buyers and retail stores have passed up. If a diamond’s pricing online seems too good to be true then it’s because it probably is. (This applies to almost everything else that is sold online as well!)

The most important factors in any diamond are its BRIGHTNESS, SPARKLE, and how it looks in person! Those aren’t aspects that you can see online or read on a piece of paper. To really figure out if a diamond has the desired traits, you need to visit a reputable jewelry store (hopefully D. Geller and Son) in person and see it for yourself! Our diamond buyer hand selects every diamond for our showrooms based on its quality, appearance, and how it sparkles in person… not SOLELY how it reads on paper! Meaning? We may only pick one or two diamonds out of every 10 aka the top 20% of ALL diamonds for our customers. (Check out our shot from insta-stories and others below!)

Don’t get us wrong though! Our team will help you understand everything there is to know about your diamond…  from crown angle, depth percentage, florescence, and all the rest. But, the single most important thing is that you LOVE how it looks in person! We promise to be competitively priced when comparing apples to apples, but online diamonds often have a reduced price for a reason. Come in to see us and let our diamond experts show you the difference! We have friendly, smiling faces to help you feel comfortable in a jewelry store and confident in your decision along with skilled bench jewelers who work on-site to mount your diamond and size your ring while you wait! (Meet our Team)

Plus, unlike those online websites, you can always trade in or upgrade your diamond with us. That’s not a bad option to have when your first, fifth, or twentieth wedding anniversary rolls around! (Trade-In/Upgrade Program)

No appointment is needed but, if you’re in stealth mode and need help picking the perfect diamond for your surprise proposal on the sly, please send us a message, inquiry, or give us a call! We’ll help guide you through the entire diamond buying process from start to finish!

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