#BachelorNation + Pear Diamonds

Posted on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 at 4:47 pm by Sara

It finally happened (again)! The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsey found true love with Bryan Abasolo and presented him with the final rose in the most “pearfect” way, before Abasolo proposed to her with a stunning pear shape diamond.

Lindsey’s left-hand addition features 80 brilliant round diamonds and a halo that surrounds the 3ct diamond center stone. According to, “..Abasolo was also drawn to a more elaborate and bold princess-cut ring with a larger band, he ultimately went with the more feminine pear-shaped design, in part because ‘it looked like Rachel’s beautiful almond-shaped eyes...’”

Pear diamonds are also commonly referred to as “teardrop” shaped and, theoretically speaking, feature a shape similar to the combination of a round brilliant and marquise shape diamond. One side of the pear diamond is rounded and cut with facets that shine, sparkle, and help disguise internal characteristics, while the other side tapers to a point and provides the illusion of a longer and larger size. Pear shapes are also one of the few diamonds to display an asymmetrical shape (other, less-common shapes include: trillions, tapered baguettes, and hearts) and is worn with the tip pointing down the wearer’s finger.

Some people prefer a longer, and more thinly shaped pear diamond (2.0 ratio) while others prefer a shorter, and wider appearance (1.4 ratio). However, pear diamonds with a 1.5-1.75 ratio are historically the most eye-pleasing and desired! Fun feature: pear diamonds are cut with facets along the pavilion (underneath the diamond) that portray a “bow-tie” when viewed from the top! While there are several different aspects to take into consideration when choosing a pear diamond (ratio, color, etc.), the most important trait is how it looks in person! (See our previous post on choosing a diamond here)

No matter what pear diamond you end up choosing, it will look great in any setting! Opting for a halo setting, like Abasolo, can add to the visual size of the diamond, upwards of 30%! Split-shank settings are another great setting for pear diamonds because they help draw your eye to the rounded and tapered ends of the diamond. Nonetheless, a classic solitaire setting will also draw an astounding “YES!” during a proposal.

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